Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm home and it looks like surgery went well.  I arrived about 15 minutes late and felt really bad, because I know it can really mess up the flow of things, but that didn't seem to be the case today.  My pre-op nurse was really nice.  Her son and I went to the same high school but a year apart, so we talked about schools and college.  My procedure (Bankhart Repair) went well - she only needed to place two anchors, but she also said there was quite a bit of damage so she did some work on the ligaments as well, although I'm not sure which ones.

The whole procedure was about two hours.  It's interesting being on the patient bed this time around and watching people grab my arms/legs and lift up my gown to attach things while talking to me like were just hanging out in the lounge.  I don't remember falling asleep either.  The last thought I remember having was, "Is he giving me Sevo yet? This doesn't smell like Sev-ZZZZZZZZ"  My wake up wasn't too exciting either, only that each time they called my name, I kept thinking I should get up.

I'm home now, feeling perpetually groggy and trying to time my naps around the painkillers.  I have a little stress ball for my fingers so they don't get too swollen.

Tomorrow, I will be doing itty bitty exercises as per doc's orders:  letting the arm dangle outside of the sling and then doing finger exercises on the table.

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