Saturday, September 24, 2011

Money (semi-rant)

I worry about money quite a bit for someone who doesn't have to pay my own rent/mortgage (yet) or raise a family.  Growing up, I was taught to work hard and save money for the things I wanted, but over time those "things" have changed.  Between juggling two part-time jobs when money was good if not great for a year and then scraping by in AmeriCorps on a stipend for another year, I learned to ration money.  I learned to set aside little bits here and there for necessities, for fun and for the ridiculously expensive medical school application process (why does it cost more to apply to schools here than it costs to pay one year of tuition for schools in other countries?!).  I grew out of wanting designer clothes and the coolest gadgets because in the end, I had more important things to save money for.  

I was so relieved when I found a job because it meant I could stop worrying as much.  I could give my parents money instead of living like a bum, I could start saving money to pay for interview flights, apartment deposits, a lifetime supply of Sourpatch Kids candy, and maybe, JUST MAYBE I can save up enough to travel abroad.  I'm overdue for a visit to my grandma in Hong Kong and from there, it's just a quick hop over to Korea or Japan.  

And so, (begin rant) it kind of sucks to have a conversation with a friend my age that always starts like this:
Friend: So do you think I should drop money to get [insert shoes/video game/game console/plasma tv/computer, etcetc] 
or this:
Friend: Man, the [insert expensive item] I ordered still isn't here!
Friend: Yes! UPS finally delivered!  I can't wait to install it in my living room in the house I just bought and furnished.
(end rant)

As you can probably tell, I'm a little jealous/bitter and more than a little annoyed that this person rubs things in my face like that.     

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