Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Foray Outside

I ventured outside today to take out my stitches, pick up a library book, and of all things, go to Trader Joe's.

My stitches came out much easier than I thought. I thought it would hurt but it was quick and totally painless. I met the clinic's physicians assistant today to go over my recovery.  My orthopedic surgeon seems to have a system where she takes care of all new patients up through surgery and her PA takes over the recovery process so the doc can keep seeing new patients. Very efficient, in my opinion. The PA seemed impressed that I stopped taking Percocet on Friday, but I have been taking OTC painkillers.  I think part of the leftover pain is coming from muscle stiffness due to wearing a sling all day every day, and possibly due to poor posture.

Sleeping is unexpectedly not a problem.  When I first started having shoulder problems in high school, I had a few scares where I woke up with a dislocated shoulder and after that, I somehow conditioned myself to sleep like a log.  It sucks to think about how bad my shoulder was, but on the bright side, sleeping with a sling on wasn't as difficult or uncomfortable as the doc thought.

Trader Joe's was way more crowded than I thought at 2pm and I was on the lookout for oblivious people who are too busy to watch where they are shoving their carts and kids who aren't being supervised.  I felt like doing this:

Idea taken from a Simpson's episode
But the trip for dried cranberries and bran flakes was definitely worth it and it gave me an idea for doodling material.

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