Friday, September 16, 2011

Cha-Ching Cha-Ching

Lately I have been quite worried about money, a must-have when it comes to applying to medical school.  Generally speaking, applying to more schools will increases chances are of getting accepted into one or more programs.  I'm starting to think that the money I have carefully saved up for the application process won't be enough to get me through the application process for the number of schools I plan to apply to, let alone fund airplane tickets for any potential interviews.  That, coupled with the hospital co-pay and a new set of car tires, means that I need a part-time job so I can save money, pay bills, and have enough time for MCAT studying.  Also, as a boomerang baby* I usually hand the rest of my paycheck (after bills) to the parental units to help out.

I always feel pressured to find a volunteer or part-time job that is health-related for my medical school applications.  When I moved back home, a friend suggested applying to be a volunteer research assistant but I hated the fact that I had to apply to these "positions" as a data-entry monkey with a resume and references.  I honestly (and hopefully without coming across as conceited) think my time, labor and skills are worth more than that.  And they don't help me pay for my med school applications or bills.  When it comes down to my applications or interviews, I would rather have to explain that I worked at XYZ because I needed to support my own career goals than to volunteer for a position that may or may not be fulfilling to me.

I have agreed to return to the middle school after school program where I used to work before my AmeriCorps assignment.  The pay is pretty good, considering its 15 hours per week and I get to bully play with kids.  I was ambivalent about the after school job - while I liked working with the 6th graders** and my fellow staff members, the 8th graders then were punks.  But when I went back to visit this year, the kids I worked with and liked still remembered me and that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I was also offered an interview next Monday for a P/T bilingual receptionist position at a physical therapy clinic.  I'm looking forward to the interview, and would like to scope out the hours and my chances of getting the job.  I was surprised that I was even contacted, because the craigslist post was a few weeks old.  If I get it, it would solve my need to work for money and I would be working within the health field, but I think I would only be able to work at one job, otherwise I would be sacrificing time and energy for MCAT-studying.  I would feel bad to withdraw from the tutoring job after already I already made a commitment, but I'll worry about that if or when I have to.

*Someone who went away for college, then moved back home with parents because the job market sucks.
**My favorite was a kid named "El" who reminded me of a cute chipmunk, but she grew and now she's taller than me, so now she reminds me of a Meerkat.  

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