Monday, September 26, 2011

Lesson Learned

Today, on my first day of work/training, I learned how important it is NOT to undervalue myself and my capabilities.  I wish I took more initiative to negotiate higher pay, even if it would have been unsuccessful, because now I am kicking myself over it.  I will try to do my best, and since he eventually wants someone to work full-time, there is the possibility of asking for a raise once we discuss increasing my hours from 25/week to 32-40/week (32 being the minimum for full-time status in this state).  I may not have worked consistently at one job for several years, but my cumulative experience working in different medical facilities in different positions with different demographics, protocols and computer systems has given me a wide variety of skills and knowledge that I need to start appreciating before I can convince others to value my abilities.

This came to mind while I was training.  As I was going through the motions of putting charts together and re-learning insurance eligibility protocols for PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) and state Medicare/Medicaid, I realized that I knew most of the information already.  When the boss lectured the other part-time girl and I on the general facts of how insurance companies operate, I also felt like I knew most of the information already.  That isn't to say I have nothing to learn, just that I already have the foundation and can build on it much faster than my 18 year old college freshman coworker can.

I think it also helped that my old job had a lot more paperwork to handle and volunteers to oversee, which leads to duplicates, misplaced forms, and a crap load of work.

Other than that, the office seems pretty laid back.  I'll be working with more physical therapists and physician assistants than doctors, which is alright to me.  I may be able to learn new things about patient care from the PAs at this rate, because I've seen many private practice doctors get bogged down by paperwork and business management.

Getting dressed today went by MUCH quicker.  My arm didn't feel so fragile that it might break off any minute when I took the sling off to get changed, which I think is a good sign that I'm recovering at a good pace.  I'll be crossing my fingers that I can remove the sling entirely next Wednesday, but I know it will take time before my left arm can do simple things like carry my boxed set of Examkrackers MCAT study guides or reach back to scratch my butt reach up to grab something off a shelf.

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