Saturday, September 3, 2011


Waking up before dawn is the worst feeling ever.  I'd rather stay up all night than crawl out from a warm cocoon of blankets feeling under slept and looking like a creature that resembles Gollum - only instead of being bald, I have terrible bed head.  I'm aware that I will have plenty pre-dawn wake-ups as a future doc... and I'll probably wake up exactly the same way: making creature-ish sounds like Gollum, clutching my cup of coffee and muttering, "Preeeeciousssss."


I woke up at 5 am to take two buses up to Santa Rosa to train the new AmeriCorps girl - Bus #1 was subsequently late, but I ended up on Bus #2 just on time and got to watch the sun rise as it drove out of the San Fran fog.  Originally, I had planned to be there for a week to help her get settled in, but due to schedule conflicts up everyone's wazoos, we had to settle for a one-day massive data overload.  I feel bad in that she probably feels overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information I threw at her - things that took me weeks or months to learn (or months before I got around to learning it).  I felt so bad that I told her and my former boss to contact me anytime they needed info, at least until the new girl has time to process and absorb.  It will be a good chance for me to keep in touch too.  I hope she has a good year.  

We went to a restaurant called Mamma Pig's for pulled pork and bbq. YUM.  I was starving when I arrived, but it was so filling I only ate half.  Also, I discovered Leninade:

I have NO idea what flavor it was supposed to be, and I don't care =P
The words under the star says: "Join the party!"
Yes, comrade! 

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