Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misplaced Ambitions - How Work is Like the School Cafeteria

My dream is to one day not have to go to work with so many catty womens who like to 1-up you on random insignificant details.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Intro: Landlord and the GF

Some time ago, Liz my landlord announced that her gf, Jenny would be moving in with her and they would be sharing the bed and bath downstairs.  Seeing as how I would get the upstairs level to myself, I didn't mind so much.  

What I quickly realized, aside from the hippie paraphernalia, was that the house became infinitely dirtier.  The house is still a 3-person household, but with the addition of a 3rd cat.  Somehow, Jenny and the cat are adept at tracking dirt and herbs and catnip all over the house within an hour after i had thoroughly swept and mopped....

So I stopped cleaning, and hide in my room when home. Which is unfortunate, since I actually enjoyed hanging out with the other housemate, who moved out prior to Jenny's arrival. =/

In addition to the picture illustrated above, there is also a postcard of naked women forming a peace sign on the fridge, so every time I want to get milk for my lucky charms cereal, I see it =/ I was tempted to protest this...But I also realized that despite being a hippy, she turns into a prissy princess when things don't go her way, like when Liz repealed the "cell phone conversations in your room" rule.  Apparently, Jenny couldn't stand the thought of having to go to the bedroom for a phone call...Nevermind that Liz and I aren't even HOME until after 6, whereas she is unemployed and home all day (making a mess).