Friday, September 23, 2011

New Job

I met with the lead (and only) MD in the facility and was a pretty nice, very mellow-sounding guy, which probably helps with his older patient base.  I was quizzed a little on my Chinese by someone who was more fluent than I am, but not as extensively or rigorously as when I was applying to intern as a translator at my clinic, so it went okay.  I think after that they were ready to offer me the position and I will be going in for a few hours to train on Monday.

Today, I went to meet with one of the directors at the school to withdraw from the after school program position.  He was pretty understanding which was a relief.  I feel a bit hypocritical because a few months ago I was in a similar situation on the employer's side, but at least I didn't fill out any new hire paperwork yet.  The previous situation required a mountain of paperwork which we had to do twice for the replacement-new-hire but 3x as fast due to regional orientation schedules.  I was also partially influenced by something I did in the past: I interviewed for a job I was interested in, but I had just started a 10-week temp position working for  someone at a community center that I (thought) I knew well.  I think it showed in my interview that I wasn't 100% committed, and so I spent the next 10 weeks growing increasingly bitter because the cool boss was far, far away from being cool.

I just hope this job will be an enjoyable experience, not just something to add to my AMCAS.

On a lighter note, I spent most of my afternoon reviewing and advising a grant application for the new AmeriCorps girl.  It was frustrating mainly because I can't type half as fast with one hand.  I also had to type out explanations for many of the revisions.  She probably thinks I'm a super nit-picky person now!

Tomorrow will be a less eventful day: just MCAT studying and maybe pizza night with the mother.

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