Monday, July 16, 2012

Phase 1, done!

Finished my primary application! Whew. Only a month and a half behind my original plan, not too bad all things considered. I proofread my app several times over the last few days, and don't plan to take another look until I have to, otherwise I'll catch another typo and get myself all cray-zee.

My next step: secondary applications. I'm not looking forward to doing these =( I'm hoping to be able to take a general experience, or one general response, and be able to "spin it" different ways (without lying or exaggerating) to answer several similar types of questions. Like writing one cover letter a bajillion different ways for different jobs. To be honest, I innocently thought I would get a few days to twiddle my thumbs, but it looks like I've already starting receiving e-mails from certain schools to set up an online account for apps. Well, it's bad for me to procrastinate anyway. If I let myself get lazy then it's hard to de-lazy myself.

One of my friends is heading off to med school this year. Another friend hasn't updated any of us on his status, which can't be good. Since getting into med school is a big deal, I would assume most people would scream it from the top of the world aka the Facebook Status Bar. I won't ask, at any rate. If he didn't get in, then it would be like rubbing salt in the wound. Like digging a finger into someone's bruise and asking if it hurts. 

Getting asked about apps gets annoying, sometimes. Especially when they ask me why I'm taking so long. Or worse, tell me to stop partying as much. I don't know where people get the impression that I'm some party animal. Unless "party" means sitting in my room alone in my pajamas watching youtube videos before bed. I only want to talk about apps on my blog or to close friends, and even then, talking about apps turns all my precious free time into app-time. 

Anyway, as a treat to myself for finishing phase 1, I'll be watching Magic Mike on Friday night with my friend, T. Because, uh, she's making me watch it with her, yeah. I didn't jump for joy that someone would watch it with me, or anything. Another friend is also on this oyster kick for some reason, so on Saturday we're going to Swan Oyster Depot for oysters. My wallet is going to be very, very empty this month. 

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