Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Me Some Oysters

ETA: oops, didn't realize the font settings were smaller than usual. Fixed!

Big "thank you!!" to Solitary Diner for including my blog on her list of "Lovely Blogs" =)  

My list is pretty short, as most of them are pretty well-established already or are of the "web comic" persuasion. 

Ah yes, plans  has a kewl blog about life, medical school and living with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome (which is well-documented compared to my own blog entries about my torn glenoid labrum, because I was lazy). Also, she's funny :D She was also an Art History major, which I also think is cool because, why not? 

Never Seconds has a huge reader base, but I like it. It's run by a young girl from Scotland and her super supportive dad. She posts about her school lunches and allows kids/parents/teachers from around the world to chime in and show pictures/reviews of the kids' school lunches. They also raise money for an organization called Mary's Meals to feed children in Malawi, Africa. 

Today, I waited a really, really long time (close to two hours) for seats at the Swan Oyster Depot. The time went by pretty fast, since I was talking with a friend, nicknamed Dogs/Dogga, the whole time, but yikes. I haven't waited that long for anything since going to Disneyland. We each ordered a half dozen oysters, pictured below, a shrimp cocktail and a bowl of clam chowder. I loved the clam chowder. The clam chowder didn't look appetizing, but it had a lot of clams in it and tasted really good. I don't think I like shrimp cocktails at all...and for some reason it was really filling. I could have had more clam chowder!! darnnnnnn. 

For the oysters, I liked most of them. I don't know anything about oysters, and couldn't really hear what our server was telling us, but Dogs and I gave them nicknames based on flavor. There was "tide pool flavored" aka light and refreshing, "tropical sea flavored" aka also light and refreshing, "ocean flavored," and "deep blue sea" (the two biggest ones) which was okay. Our least favorite was "Fish-counter flavored," because it was like the smell of a fish market but in your mouth. I don't think that one was as fresh as it should have been. I've actually never had raw oysters before, so I didn't know what to expect. The ones I liked were light and smooth, and tasted good with lemon juice. 

Tomorrow, it's back to focusing on my secondary applications. I have three to work on. I've started on one, been brainstorming for the second one, and the third one will be accessible on Monday. I've slowly been doing research on each school. I'm not sure what would be the best way to organize info. So far, I've been typing up an outline for each school on a Word/Google document that lists the mission statement, principles, and unique aspects of the program that stood out to me. I also list any special requirements for the secondary, or just things that I should take note of just in case, like the maximum number of letters of evaluation. It seems like a huge waste of time, but I think if I didn't make this a systemic process, I'll get my apps mixed up. I also think it helps to have a clear view of each school's values and differences in curriculum and electives. That way, I can write a response and tie it to an anecdote that is both relevant to me and what this particular school stands for. 

That's what I learned in B.S. 101. Just kidding. :P


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I'm glad that someone enjoys my blog :) I worry that sometimes I do a crappy job of writing about living with nTOS, but at least I try to lighten up the subject with silly jokes.

    By the way, you are WAY more organized than I was about secondaries. I just had an excel spreadsheet with all the schools I applied to, and had a "SHIT LIST" for the schools that didn't accept me after I sent in my secondary. I'm professional like that.

  2. PS- if you need editing on your personal statements BEFORE THE 30th (when the shit hits the fan, er, when orientation starts) I'm more than happy to help. :) History of Art really primed me for writing so I actually enjoy editing.

    1. LOL I have a "shit list" for the ones that I decided not to pay the $34 primary app fee for :P I'm pretty sure I'll be making a "shittiest" list for the rejecting schools.

      Oh, thanks for the offer! If I can crank out something half decent before then, I'll keep it in mind :)

  3. I've only had oysters twice, and the first time I couldn't keep them down despite them being cooked and likely much less oystery than the fresh ones. I'm impressed that you managed to enjoy such a huge tasting of the fresh ones.

    Also, you're welcome! I always enjoy reading your blog and thought it would be worth attracting more traffic to. And maybe it'll motivate you to post even more food pictures so that I can live vicariously through you. Mmmmm.

    1. Well to be fair, only 5/6 of them were really fresh. There is a little bit of that "slimy" feeling too, which may be why I liked the smaller ones better.

      I'll try to find more weird things to eat, if you like the pictures that much :P