Friday, July 20, 2012


My brain is pretty fried today, not really sure why. I came home, had a late lunch, and felt pooped. 

I treated myself to gelato today on the way home. They make their own flavors, for vegans and non-vegans, and the Dutch Almond Coffee is the BEST. There are whole coffee beans in it, although it didn't help keep me awake and alert at all. 

I finished one secondary application today...Nothing impressive at all. It was one of the ones that only asks you for basic things like "have you ever been on academic probation and if so, why?" and "were you ever convicted of a misdemeanor and/or felony and if so, why?" It did give me the chance to mention activities that I omitted from my primary AMCAS app because (after a lot of internal debate) I decided I didn't have much to say about those activities.

But because I made myself do a teensy bit of work today, I decided to vegetate for the rest of the night.


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