Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This weekend I actually did a lot of opposed to previous weekends where I throw a temper tantrum on the floor of my room before actually making myself study.  I finished all of my Physics homework and all but one of the biology review homework and quizzes.  I actually thought I had caught up to all my work.  I was soooo proud of myself...Until I realized I completely skipped OChem review.
Sitting in my corner of shame and defeat
And so, the epic battle with studying continues.

Actually, I've been good about studying after work and during gaps in my schedule.  Unfortunately, that means I camp out in Starbucks a lot.  Now, I have to find some way to work in a regular gym routine =/  I miss living near a college campus where things are only 5-10 minutes away via bike.  Now, I have to plan my life around public transportation or parking.  It seems ridiculous to have to set aside 30-60 minutes of public-transit for 3-4 miles' worth of travel or worse, 30 minutes just to LOOK for a parking spot.

I had my third session of physical therapy this week.  Now I can raise my arm above my head (kinda).  Woohoo!!  It's crazy seeing the differences between my P.T. appointments and my work place.  Patients get half an hour at the senior home (where I usually am), but at the main site they might not get a full half hour of treatment on a busy day.  In comparison, my appointments have lasted about an hour and a half.  Then again, some of the other patients I see at my P.T. place only stop by for about half an hour, so the "time" factor might rely a lot on the individual's current phase of treatment as well as the severity of their conditions.  In other words, my shoulder was uber-effed up.

I lovelovelove my P.T!  Having a P.T. who is also great eye candy is very good motivation to go to my appointments on time.  Usually, I'm torn between wiping the drool off my face and wincing when he tests my range of motion.  My ROM has increased about 5-10 degrees each session.  It's tough because not only did the surgeon tighten up my shoulder, but there is a lot of muscle guarding and conditioning that I need to unlearn.  A lot of the exercises and stretches he does are easy for other people to do, but they are motions that I haven't done myself in years because my shoulder was so unstable.  Despite that, I actually have fun during P.T.  He laughs at my weird facial expressions during stretching and I laugh at the fact that his dogs (Useless 1 and Useless 2) already chewed up part of his new lawn.

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