Saturday, November 12, 2011



At this rate, I'm going to turn into a big manatee-like blob and I'll have to roll myself for transportation, which is great for going downhill but makes for some slow-goings uphill.

I like going to these food truck events, even though they suck money out of my wallet faster than my old college roommate can inhale her food during eating contests.  Some of the trucks are really cute, like the NomNom Truck:

This time I tried food from the Chairman Bao Truck:
Pic from the Mobi Munch Chairman Truck site
I love the pun.  The truck takes traditional Chinese cha siu bao and makes it into a taco.  The unfortunate result is that it defeats the purpose of cleanly shoving the entire bun into your mouth, but it was still delicious.   At first I thought the truck's popularity was all hype, I thought, "Maan, I can get an authentic cha siu bao for $0.60 at a Chinatown store."  But after trying it I actually liked it.  I also tried stir-fried garlic noodles from a truck cleverly named "An the Go" because I love garlic and garlic-flavored burps.  Mmmmm.  But despite spending all that money, I had to go back to my ONE TRUE LOVE, mac and cheese spring rolls.

Today I went back to studying.  Except for the past angst-flavored week, I have been pretty good about studying 6/7 days per week.  I've officially designated Friday nights as my no-work day so I can relax and catch up with friends.


  1. I like your blog! Very interesting and cool style. Keep up the writing and studying! Hope you do as well on the MCAT as you have on your blog. I'll definitely be following your progress...

  2. What the hell are food truck events? Huh?

  3. It's literally an event where food vendors gather in one area to sell food from a big truck that's equipped with refrigerators and stoves...In the past, they would only sell sandwiches and juice/soda and only in areas where there are lots of tourists. Somewhere down the line, someone decided to try making fusion food in these trucks, and then to gather in one area on a weekly basis to sell food to tourists AND locals. Each truck has a different cuisine/theme they go by to attract people.