Friday, November 11, 2011

Angst...and Food

I'm told I get pretty cranky and angst-y during the full moon phase.  Apparently I'm not as awesome as a non-Twilight werewolf so I typically avoid people during this time.

Despite that, I still went to a book signing hosted by Cat vs. Human author/blogger/artist Yasmine Surovec.
I also like cake
and then meandered over Gott's Roadside Burger for another ginormous burger and sweet potato fries

I stole this from the Yelp page again, because honestly, I'd rather shove a fresh burger in my face than take a picture of it  =D
MCAT class was cancelled tonight due to the instructor's illness.  I believe his other class had their potluck on Wednesday night soooooooo hopefully he didn't get food poisoning from someone's delicious goodies =O I should have studied more tonight, but at least I was really good about reading on the bus ride to/from work today.  The tough thing about MCAT classes is that I struggle to keep up with the workload and it feels like the information just goes into my eyes and out the ears.  I wonder if it's possible to hire a slave driver, like in that one Ben Hurr scene when the slaves are rowing the ship.  It looked really effective in the movie.


  1. Burgers and fries are the perfect combo for the angst-ridden portion of one's moon cycle. I'm always amazed at American burgers though - they're never cooked through! In Canada, all burgers have to be cooked to the point of there being no residual pink inside, so I'm not used to the "rare" American burgers. (Steak, on the other hand, is better the redder and bloodier it is. Mmmmm.)

  2. Oh I love rare steak =O It's so delicious and juicy. At this particular establishment, their burgers are purposely cooked with a little pink left, but I'm pretty sure at other establishments they cook it thoroughly (or ask how you like it done).

  3. Yeah! I don't think my patty was as pink as the one in the picture though...but the fries were super good. I don't think I can ever eat plain fries again. IT HAS TO BE SWEET POTATO.

  4. Sweet potato fries are THE BEST!! nom nom