Sunday, November 6, 2011

Study Group

Edit: Whoaaaaa typo galore. Had to fix it =3  Actually I think I was just overly excited to talk about the Staedtler pens.

A few of my classmates and I had our firrrrrrrst study group today.

I feel slightly better about the study process now, after finding out that no one else in class can keep up with all the homework (no one that works, at least).  I also think that I study at a really slow pace.  After I work on practice problems, I can't just read the explanations for the ones I answered incorrectly.  I have to neatly rewrite the problems and answers with my Staedtler triplus fineliner pens (When I get into medical school, I'm going to splurge on the 20-pack. Whoooooooooooo).  And I can't just scribble down the answers.  They have to look nice and neat like this:

This is probably the equivalent of using size 6 font.
So far, the people that attended the study group are pretty cool....Coincidentally we're also the ones that talk  the most.  During our study break we talked about our respective schools.  One girl is from Virginia and she was telling us that she thought it was cool that longboarding is popular in California...This quickly degenerated into stories about freshmen trying to learn how to longboard/skateboard/bike around campus at the beginning of each school year.

Next week we'll be preparing a set of questions to answer, so that when we come together as a group we can go over key concepts.

In other news, a bunch of new people were hired at the office.  I'm not sure what's going to happen in the long run, but I effectively have no computer OR desk to sit and do work at, which defeats the purpose of going in to do paperwork every Tuesday/Thursday.  I've been joking to my coworkers that I'm going to start sitting in an imaginary chair and typing on an imaginary keyboard to emphasize the ridiculousness of the whole situation.  I think one of the new employees is only in the office for half a day, so I'm debating whether or not to ask if I can switch to an afternoon shift to reduce the amount of time spent twiddling my thumbs.  I feel kind of silly and useless, but I can't do work because everyone else is using their computers and I can't study because the boss breathes down our necks.  I'm not the only person without a desk either: My coworker also doesn't have a desk, so when she comes in to try and print/work on stuff for marketing, she can't without asking someone to stop their work so she can borrow the computer for a few minutes.  That's just silly.  

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