Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm free!!  Free from the contraption known as the ULTRASLING II. 

Even though I got used to wearing it, I don't think that cushion is made for a 5'1 person with short arms.

I'm starting my basic exercises tomorrow - few rotation/flexion/extension exercises to get reacquainted with basic movements.  The doc suggested that I continue wearing my sling when I leave the house for errands and to go to work (but without the cushion) just to be safe.  Even with a sling, I don't really trust people to be careful.  Also, some people at work have been patting my shoulder (Uh, hello?  That's my bad arm you're hitting.)  Even though they don't use a lot of strength, it still jars some of the muscles that are still tender from inactivity and healing, so I am going to continue using my sling until I can at the VERY least bend my arm at the elbow without shaking and sweating up a storm.

I will be starting physical therapy in about two weeks/whenever they can fit me in.  The facility I am hoping to use is somewhat near my MCAT prep course classroom, so with any luck I'll be able to schedule it so that I can hang around at a nearby cafe in between class and therapy.

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