Monday, October 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I've been having trouble keeping up with the MCAT course.  Actually, I'm probably juggling too many different things at once and not setting limits as to how much time I spend on each activity.  Hopefully things will calm down after this week, once I meet my professors and get the ball rolling on my letters of rec.

Yesterday's weather was great, so I went out and took a walk.  I made it all the way up this big fat hill and had originally planned to go buy a tapioca drink, but after I realized how far I would have to walk:

I thought, "Yeah....Nevermind."  So I walked to Starbucks instead.

All in all, a good break.

I didn't make good progress doing Verbal Reasoning "homework" though.  I think they purposely picked the most boring and verbose passages possible and crammed it into a mock VR quiz...It was so terrible that I gave up doing VR exercise in favor of reading for OChem tomorrow.  How sad is that?
What failure looks like.  


  1. When I first started studying for the MCAT, I was also juggling too many things and didn't prioritize the MCAT studying. Then, after much deliberation, I decided to drop a few things in order to have more time to study for the MCAT. It was a hard decision to make but I'm glad I did it. If you're constantly behind in your studies you might want to think about ways to rearrange your schedule! (Hope that doesn't sound pushy, just my two cents from that time in my life.)

  2. Yeah, I'm totally getting rid of a few things here and there. Thanks for the advice :P Things always seem do-able at first...but I neglected to remember that taking the bus to/from places also takes up time.

  3. I can relate. That's the personality of the type of person who goes into medicine.

    "I'm going to do (a), but I might get bored with the spare time so I think (b) would be a great way to exercise (x) skill so I don't lose it, and I've always wanted to do (c) too!"

    But then you've only left room for 4-5 hours of sleep. Maybe a meal here or there. Or maybe that's just me. My philosophy has always been if it's not hard, it's not worth doing, but sometimes we are a detriment to ourselves!