Friday, October 28, 2011

Made It!

These last two weeks really sucked.  Last week, I wrote a draft of my personal statement because one of my letter of rec. writers requested it, then discovered during our meeting this week that my professor didn't even know I e-mailed the draft to her.  While I worked on that, I managed to keep up in class, but lost a lot of sleep.  On the bright side, I can now say I've written a draft of my personal statement and will feel guilt-free about procrastinating some more.  Woohoo!

This Tuesday week I drove up to the University of Cows to meet with two of my former professors to hammer out the details of my letter of rec.  I expected a serious interview with serious questions about my motivations, student history, current work-life, etcetc, but they only asked about deadlines and for documents I could easily have e-mailed.  I know they probably wanted to get a sense of who I am as a person, buuuuuut it felt like a big waste of gas and parking money =/

While I was there, I remembered one of the reasons why I disliked campus - people can't drive OR park.

Seriously?  I could park this while wearing the UltraSling II WITHOUT the parking guidelines AND in a giant SUV 

The trip was worthwhile only because I got to meet up with my former P.I. from lab.  He's a hilarious guy.  Now that I'm out in the real world, I can really appreciate how hard it is to find a good boss to work for.  I was really lucky as an undergrad.

Today I met up with one of my liberal arts professors in Oakland to ask her to update my letter of rec as well.  I had a REALLY good time talking to her, which I wasn't expecting because she usually seemed very busy and distracted on campus.  Our meeting ran much later than I initially anticipated - which is good, because I feel like she can write a strong letter on my behalf.

Unfortunately, traffic coming back into the city was seriously bad.  Like, 'dude, rush hour traffic is supposed to go the other way, why are all ya'll on THIS side of the road?!' bad.

I was half an hour late to MCAT class.  =/  Under normal circumstances, I could have made it back into town with 20-30 minutes to spare before class.  The Kaplan instructor probably thinks I'm a total slacker now, what with showing up late and occasionally falling behind on homework.  But that's okay!  It means I will look uber awesome when I finally get back on my game.
Next week, I won't have so much crap to deal with, so my schedule should finally settle down.  I'll get a chance to make a stable study routine (READ: camping out at any and all Starbucks locations).


  1. It sounds like they're making you work ridiculously hard to get your letters of reference. I was really lucky in that respect because I only applied to two schools and I worked with all of the people whom I asked to be references. Getting my letters consisted of typing up my CV and asking my references for letters when I ran into them at work. Glad to hear you're almost done with it!

  2. Yeah! It was easy at my old work place too. My supervisors casually offered to write me letters before I even had a chance to ask. They didn't even need my CV, I just had to give them my own progress reports. I guess with all academic types here, I have to do a song and dance =/

  3. Hey Mingle,
    Have just been browsing through. . . even though most references to work etc I don't get (must be the Aussie in me) it's all been very entertaining. Anyway, I hate people who can't park either. Maybe if your car is super expensive that gives you license to park in any old creative way you like?

  4. thanks for stopping byyyy!! I'll try to be better at explaining random references :P