Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New-Old Job, Day 1

I seem to be at an impasse with my secondaries. It's one of those questions where they ask you about experiences that you've already explained in your personal statement or work/activities section on the AMCAS. Currently, I'm trying to think of something else to say. My progress through these is pretty erratic. Some days I will write a lot. Other days, I type and delete things over and over again. Still other days, I'll re-read something that I wrote 1-2 days ago and completely redo it.

I also need a massage. Backpacks are bad. How the hell did I manage to wear a backpack with heavy textbooks as a kid?! I have the worst knots all along my neck, upper and lower back. I tried to tough it out but I think I need someone to help me with it.

This is my final week at my old job.
The more I think about it, the more I know I was an idiot to have stayed on when I started noticing that things were amiss. I feel like there were a lot of practices that are not particularly legal or ethical, especially in the human resources department. Thinking back, there was also no standard training protocol. Not even regarding personal or patient safety. In contrast, my online training sessions for my new job was incredibly extensive. Then again, non-profit organizations are subject to a lot of bureaucratic red-tape, regulations that I think certain businesses should follow.

Completed my online training sessions in time to start at the school today. I forgot that I'm kind of an introvert now, after several years of being trapped indoors studying. My group of 7th graders is okay (so far). The hard part, I suspect, will be discerning which kids genuinely don't have homework and which ones are lying. My goal is to try and do a better job about it this year to find out what kind of homework different teachers are assigning. The nerdiest, most awkward kid in my group has two UCSF neurosurgeons for parents. We talked about digging mine tunnels in Minecraft.

I need to plan activities next. I haven't had to be creative in a long time. I'll ease into it slowly. Even though I like being active, I don't like coordinating kids to play sports. I don't have any athletic-coaching qualities. I've also never been into sports like American football or basketball (My friends also tell me not to play those games, because my aim is terrible and someone *will* get hit). I play weird sports like Ultimate Frisbee or wrestling. Maybe I'll try to think of something incredibly nerdy, so all the docile, nerdy, not-athletic and not-outgoing kids flock to my class.

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  1. I hope all goes well with the new job. Don't beat yourself up about sticking at the old job for so long; it's always hard to tell when the right time to leave is. At least now you're moving on to something that won't be so life-sucking.