Monday, August 20, 2012

California Academy of Sciences...and Ice Cream

Will preface this by saying thanks to Solitary Diner and Ah yes, plans and other non-blog-o-sphere friends for the input on my job situation. I have decided to leave, and am trying to hurry things along. There are just too many things to deal with that shouldn't even be problems, like, "Hey, I thought I submitted my direct deposit for the second time last month, why hasn't it kicked in yet?" Or, that one time I overslept and asked my coworker why he didn't call to remind an elderly, forgetful patient to come downstairs, he responded, "Why should I? It's not my fault you were late." If I knew he would be such an ungrateful prick, I wouldn't have covered for him all those 15+ times (not an exaggerated number) he missed work by leading exercise classes that should have been his responsibility.

Anyway. Oversleeping is bad mmmkay. Moving cream!!!

Friend of mine had her wisdom teeth extracted, so naturally I briefly crawled out of my hermit hole to laugh at her puffy cheeks to celebrate. We went to the Ice Cream Bar. They make their own ice cream and the soda is made right in front of you.

Brownie sundae with one scoop of bourbon and caramel  ice  cream and vanilla ice cream.

Making our fountain sodas!

On Sunday I went to the California Academy of Science to look at stuff. They had a 10-minute earthquake demonstration that stimulated the experience of being in an earthquake. I opted out of that experience because I've already lived through quite a few. The exhibits were interesting to read though, because it shows safe places to find drinking water in your house. My only issue is that I don't think I'd like to drink water out of the toilet bowl because I don't trust the water not to have any residual chemicals for cleaning agents. Maybe as a last resort.

They had baby ostriches as part of the earthquake exhibit, to explain how continental drift led to the development of several related, but distinct, species of flightless birds. More importantly, baby ostriches are fluffy.

Baby ostrich!
It also had this big glass globe built in the middle of the museum with a micro-rainforest environment inside. They had an entrance room so the cool air from outside doesn't enter the tropical temperatures of the exhibit. Butterflies and non-carnivorous birds are allowed to roam freely while snakes or small amphibians/lizards are kept in cages so you can spot them more easily. Because I wore green, a butterfly landed on my shoulder. I felt special.

Inside the micro-rainforest, a walkway winds up to the third floor where you can then take an elevator to the basement/aquarium level, which is below water level. The first thing you see in the elevator is the glow of lights under water and the fish. The aquarium is sectioned off into tanks of varying sizes to let you glimpse what the natural environment is like. The coral reef makes me want to go scuba diving someday.

Giant fish! I forgot what it is.

Coral reef. 

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to leave!! Much better for your overall sanity and quality of life. Also, the aquarium looks awesome. :)