Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 2

I forgot that when the bell rings, children spill out of classrooms like a flash flood. Overwhelming and destroying everything in it's path. Somehow, my kids find me clinging to my classroom door for dear life, trying not to get swept up into the cesspool known as "the yard."

Picked up my "Staff" t-shirts for work at least. One for every day of the week. Woohoo! Laundry will be easy peasy. (As this is a non-profit organization, I do not think this is a wise use of community money. Also, they did not order enough Small/Mediums. As usual)

Sometimes, when I talk to the girls at school, their conversations make my Inner Feminist and Adult Me cringe in horror.

Kid: "Ms. Mingle, I want to work at Disneyland and be Esmerelda or Princess Jasmine."
Me Internal Dialogue: Uh....That doesn't sound like a stable career at all. And little kids like to grope. 
Me Aloud: "Ohhh.....uh.....Cool! A lot of people like Disneyland. You should be Esmerelda because I like her." She also wears more clothes. "You can take theater class in school to get ready for that kind of job."
Kid: "I practice a lot. I try to smile at people a lot, even if I don't know them."
Me: "..........Please don't smile at strange people outside the school."

I get so tired hearing little girls tell me how much they like Princess such-and-such and how they want to be just like this model or actress from their teenybopper magazines. Pretty Olympic athletes do not get enough adolescent adoration. Ladies! News flash! You can be pretty and be totally badass buff AND smart!

Anyway. I've settled on my classes for the next ten weeks. It will be volleyball and a video game themed arts and crafts. Tomorrow will be my last day at the old job. I will be staying on at this particular community center to volunteer because I like the residents and staff a lot. I'll be able to save money NOT buying a monthly bus pass from now on. Although public transit is cheaper than the cost of driving/owning a car, I'm already paying for insurance, I don't need a lot of gas to go to/from work, and waiting for the bus in a residential neighborhood (as opposed to the financial district) when it's dark and cold and rainy in the winter time isn't as fun (sorry, environment).

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