Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today really sucked.  Seemed like every attempt to lead a well-organized, smooth day and work-day was thwarted at every opportunity by weird schedule changes.  I like schedules - not necessarily daily routines, but I like to be the person who makes and follows schedules so I can get things done.  I get really irritable when my schedule goes crazy and I don't get anything crossed off my "to-do list."  I also dealt with a few difficult individuals.

The good thing about today was that, by the time I got out of work, I had a lot of pent up energy to burn at the gym.  The bad thing is that I think I overdid it: I will probably be spending most of the day sitting stiffly in chairs and waddling a lot when I walk.  I love that every treadmill and bike at my gym has its own television...I just wish they get the Food Network.  Nothing beats running while watching people make delicious things on the television.

I ended the day on a positive note, thankfully.  My printed holiday cards arrived in the mail (two weeks later) and I can fiiiinally start mailing them out to people.  Hooraaaay!  I'm very happy with the quality.  The colors don't show well in the picture but they are very vibrant, just how I wanted it to be.


  1. Mingle, this is why I sometimes believe exercise is bad for you. . . but anyway, good on you for going. Now you have the perfect excuse to take several long baths. Enjoy!

  2. LOL that's what my old boss said after I sprained my ankle last time: "You know, your body is like a car: the more you use it, the faster it will break down"

  3. Maybe we need to think of exercise as servicing the car! That'd work, the more you service it the better it goes. . ..usually.