Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In a Nutshell

I'm not reaaaallly sure where the last couple weeks went....I think I burnt myself out during the first month and a half of class, so I had to sit back and gather my sanity.  I definitely have figured out that I struggle with content more, as opposed to test-taking starting now I will need to knuckle down and torture myself diligently review flashcards.  I've also been using Examkrackers books to review content I am unsure about and found that it saves me time and frustration.  Kaplan books have the tendency to give analogies that I think are stupid, or the books provide a really long-winded and over-detailed explanation for concepts that really DON'T need that much detail.  

My physical therapy is progressing pretty well, albeit conservatively per doctor's orders.  The final two ranges of motion that I will need to work on are the external rotation at the elbow and abduction.  Strength training is progressing smoothly, and the exercises they have given me will also be helpful once I begin doing my own strength training after rehabilitation is complete.  Most of my strength building exercises seem to focus around using the muscles behind my scapula (rhomboid major muscle?) correctly and NOT using the trapezius muscle to compensate, which seems to place unwanted tension on the shoulders.  Consequently, my upper back between the shoulder blades are pretty sore today =/  

Last night was supposed to be my last night of fun-time before I re-engage hermit-mode to study.  My night ended with a bang.....several bangs, in fact: 

I dunno if there's a stigma against doctors (and pre-meds) wielding firearms as a hobby but I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as shooting is done legally in a safe space and as long as all participants abide by the rules for safety.  I would trust a doctor to handle a loaded gun safely as opposed to some random person, although I would still prefer to stand behind the doctor....just in case.  After using a few of the rental guns the shooting range had, I can definitely understand why some dudes get super excited over guns: it was pretty exhilarating on a very primal level.  I can also appreciate how much damage a gun can do, and how much skill/practice it requires to shoot well when the target isn't just a piece of paper with a giant orange dot in the middle.  Holding a gun is also no joke - pistols look small sitting in a glass case but some are surprisingly heavy.  

The beginner's course I took (required for all newbies) included a nomenclature and safety class.  The class had a bunch of girls, and collectively we learned that any idiot can load and shoot a gun (that same day at work, I learned that not everyone knows what a PDF is *facepalm*).  We started off range-time with a Ruger MKIII which was pretty easy to handle, upgraded to what was probably an older model of the M4 rifle and ended the night with one of the smaller Sig Sauer 9mm pistols that could fit in my tiny Asian-girl hands.  I had the most fun and the best shots with the 9mm.  The only downside was that since it was a rental gun, it gets a lot of use so the casing would eject straight at my face instead of off to the side.  

Overall it was a fun night.  I wish I could get this much excitement out of reviewing physics X_X 


  1. A PDF as in the type of file? Or is that some sort of firearm abbreviation that us Canadians wouldn't know anything about?

    Good luck with the next studying push. It takes a lot of discipline, but it's worth it. Eventually.

  2. Hm your comment makes me wish I had used Examkrackers and not Kaplan. My friends and I all enrolled in Kaplan but were constantly making fun of their analogies. They really were not helpful at all and distracted us from the content.

  3. Solitary: A PDF file!! They didn't know! We're scanning patient charts into the electronic medical record system, and I said that it would be easier to scan each chart as a PDF file rather than several JPEG pages...they looked at me like I was crazy.

    a: I bought both on my other friends' recommendations. I like the Kaplan strategies and the access to practice problems though but I agree, those analogies are REALLY stupid. The worst one by far is the "love in the club" analogy to illustrate intermolecular forces :(

  4. Jeez, even me with my bad IT karma knows what a PDF file is! How did they know how to scan?!

  5. The computer/scanner default is set to JPEG. When I set up one of the new computers that I share with the other part-time girl, I had to explain what it was to her...and then to the rest of the office staff xD