Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Things I Hate About You

10.  Texting me just because I'm currently with a patient and cannot respond immediately to a Yahoo Messenger and e-mail inquiry.

9.  Texting me to have me pass on a message to my coworker.  You know, he has a phone too.  And an e-mail.  You can also (ohmygosh revelation) call him!  

8.  Sending an e-mail to my personal e-mail, which I already politely asked you not to do, because I did not respond instantly to #10 or #9.  

7.  Texting me to call the office manager and have her update the patient tally right away.  Are you going to die if I waited until the next morning before you even come into the office to update the totals?  Some days you don't even show up to the office.   

6.  No, I'm not going to knock on everyday to recruit patients.  I understand this is a business, but I am not a salesperson and the senior residence coordinator will NOT find that acceptable.   

5.  The fact that there is no computer or desk for me to do clerical work at the main office on Tuesdays/Thursdays.  

4.  That you cram four therapists into 3 desks in a 5' x 8' (roughly 1.5m x2.5m) office that is smaller than a cubicle.  I am 5' and I'm pretty sure it would already be a tight squeeze if I lay down across the 5' side of the office.  My college apartment's walk-in closet was bigger and had better ventilation.  

3.  Failing to show up for interviews or showing up 45+ minutes late to interview a job candidate.  It's rude and unprofessional.  Don't agree to a meeting if you're not even planning to come in or come in on time.  The job market is tough, people lead busy lives, and job candidates have no choice but to take that kind of treatment, but it is still NOT okay. 

2.  Yelling at my coworker for not fulfilling a task that you never even told her she was supposed to do.  

1.  Telling me that you're going to have surgery for a torn labrum just like me, but oh, your shoulder is in no way as messed up as mine and how you'll be able to lift weights in no time.  Thanks for rubbing it in.  I won't wish you a safe and speedy recovery then, because it doesn't seem like you need it.  I mean, you were ONLY playing recreational basketball (Sorry, basketball players!  I do respect people who play it for fun because I suck at it).  It's not like you were in a totally bad-ass sport like wrestling on a co-ed team in co-ed competitions, intentionally starving yourself to qualify for the lower weight-class, and then getting totally beat-up in intense 2-6 minute matches where you can risk getting infected with cauliflower-ear and ringworm.  I won't even tell you about all the nosebleeds I got because some chick elbowed me in the face.

So I don't sound like a brat, here are things I am thankful for:

1.  Even though wrestling screwed up my shoulder, I learned a lot of things.  I gained self-confidence and I learned to expend the frustration and anger I feel into a constructive activity like sports/exercise.  While this person pisses me off like no other, I don't need to make unnecessary and rude comments like, "Your arm is more messed up than mine" for a self-esteem boost.  I'll work out to the point that I know I can kick his butt any day of the week but have the self-control not to feel like I need to prove it.

2.  The fact that I rarely have to SEE this person, and only for a few minutes.

3.  My other co-workers are hilarious people and really fun to work with...I think we're all a little nuts because that's the only way to cope.

4.  Knowing that my co-workers are all in the same boat with me, so I know I'm not just being a whiny brat.  We all share the same sentiments.

5.  I love my patients at the senior home.  Sometimes it gets really busy but my patients are really nice and fun to work with and talk to.  I can chat with them and joke with them, and sometimes they'll invite my coworker and I to eat with them, which is really nice of them.

6.  A paycheck.  To help pay bills/save up for the medical school application process....and go shopping.

7.  This is only temporary, and I do have a goal that I am working towards.

8.  I can vent my frustration in the form of comics, and it won't be rude because it will be art and satirical and funny =P

9.  The physical therapists I work with do a good job and I like them.  The patients always tell me to convey their thanks and compliments in English because their conditions have improved so much.

The treadmill is awesome.  I love my gym.  There aren't a lot of free-weights, but that's not a big deal since I'm not supposed to carry more than ten pounds with my left arm.  When the weather warms up, I'm going to run outside along the pier and pretend like the tourists are part of a giant obstacle course =D

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