Friday, August 26, 2011


Somehow, I wasted the last 4-5 days fussing with my computer.  I finally realized that the PC Tools Antivirus Software was making my laptop really buggy, and the latest upgrade made me think my laptop was heading towards a dramatic and violent death.  In the process of figuring out what the heck was going on, I cleaned out my hard drive, backed up data that can't easily be reinstalled, did a full defrag and clean with CCleaner, got rid of PC Tools and installed avast! instead.  Problem fixed, woohoo!!  I really hope this laptop can make it to the 5 year mark...that would save me a lot of money.

I've also been spending a lot of time on e-mails.  So far, I've gotten two of my academic science professors (Biochem and Embryology), one Humanities professor and my old P.I. to write me letters of rec for the AMCAS.  I've kept in touch with my old P.I. and Humanities professor so I feel rather comfortable asking them to write/update old letters.  I am not so thrilled asking my science professors for a letter.  I'll be meeting with them sometime in October (once I'm recovered from surgery and able to drive).  Honestly, I can't expect much of their letters except to say that, based on my good grades, I would do well in medical school (whether that is true, remains to be seen =P).  My Embryology class was considered small for my institution, but it still had 150 students and I never went to office hours.  In all four years, there was only one class where office hours actually helped me learn (Physics). 

I will be getting letters from my former AmeriCorps supervisor and other staff members from the non-profit org, which I definitely think are stronger and will back up my own personal goals for going to med school. 
Over the next few days I'll be putting together a more concise report of what I've done the last several years to show each letter-writer.

I'm also hoping to find a part-time that will hopefully start not long after I'm out of the sling.  I don't think I can study for the MCAT all day every day without going crazy, and while volunteer stuff may look better in applications depending on who I ask, they don't pay bills (or let me buy snacks for MCAT studying) =/


  1. How many reference letters do you need? In my experience, the personal reference letters are much more valuable than the letters from professors who don't/hardly know you.

  2. I'll need between 3-6, depending on the school's own requirements and the maximum they say they will read.

    I still need 1-2 letters from professors though. I think some people who have been out of school for several years can omit it, but I don't think I fall into that category :/ Nonetheless, I will be relying on personal reference letters from work and extra-curriculars.