Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late Night Blogging Carried Over to Noon

I've been alternating between bouts of productivity and bouts of extreme layzee-itis.  I was watching a 2AM rerun of Without a Trace until I fell asleep, and I stayed up the previous night to marathon Battlestar Galactica like the geek I am.  My sleep schedule is preeeeeeeetty messed up.

I finished reading Healing of America recently.  Overall, I liked it.  The author, T.R. Reid is good at explaining the similarities and differences between different health care systems in North America, Europe and parts of Asia.  It's an easy read for someone who doesn't want to grapple with too much professional jargon or someone who wants an introduction into health policy.

I've also been e-mailing professors..My next step will be to set up an appointment with a few of them, which I won't be able to do until a month or so from now, once I'm out of my sling and can make the hour and a half drive to campus.  I was surprised that some of them responded to my e-mail within days...I was expecting to wait along the lines of a month or so, which is why I asked so far in advance.  Oops.

I've also been updating my end-of-the-year AmeriCorps report for Dr. J, the medical director at the surgery center.  The hard part is trying to be thorough without ending up with a 20-page report, which I can easily do since my quarterly reports were easily 10-11 pages each.

On Friday I'll be heading back to Santa Rosa to train the new AmeriCorps girl.  I'll have to get up at 6-ish (ahhhhhhh the horrorrrrrrrr!!!) to take the bus up, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with the staff again.  Hopefully some of the more fun dentists/docs are scheduled to work.

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