Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Hump Day!

Two more days until the weekend!

The other day, I realized that the rooms at the main office is really, really dirty. Like, I would probably eat a chip if I dropped it on the floor at home, but when I dropped my jacket on the floor at work, I didn't wear it for the rest of the day.

I'm ridiculously tired. Most Wednesdays, I end up escorting patients in groups of 2-3 to the main office to see the doctor. The office pays for the cab ride, but all the same it feels mentally draining, especially when 30 minutes pass by and the cab still hasn't shown up. Today went smoothly, wonder of wonders, but my coworker took our work laptop, so I had nothing to do before my next shift at 2:30 except spend the next two hours in the gym.

I ran 4 miles/6.4 km at varying speeds, and then walked until the episode of Law & Order (McCoy!!!) ended. I love watching Law & Order, but I think I'm a sucker for detective/CSI shows in general. And then I played with weights and worked on the machines for another hour, and then I decided that it was time to eat lunch, so I showered and left. I got this weird abdominal cramp when I was twisting my torso to grab my iPod, and another one in my toe when I was getting on the bus.

I bumped into one of the residents who attend my exercise class, and since she has difficulty walking, I offered to pick up stuff for her at the nearby farmer's market. I stopped at another honey-farm booth and picked up three flavored honey sticks: raspberry, lemon and orange. People in the city rave about it, but I think I like regular honey best. The farmer's market is awesome though. It was my first time going to that particular market, and I felt like I was a kid walking through the toy store. There was kettle corn, a pizza truck with a portable oven set-up on the street that makes fresh pizza, a lot of organic/non-organic produce,a fish stall, flower-stands, and live music. I always complain that produce is expensive, but my friends living on the east coast tell me that produce is less fresh and more expensive, and 90% of the produce I saw today was picked in the last 1-3 days and driven into the city.

I'm trying to re-write one of the "Most Meaningful Activity" essay in my Work/Activities section, but I'm falling asleep in my chair. Sometimes, I think I try too hard not to sound stoopids, to the point that it keeps me from saying what I really want to say. It's easy to get caught up in a cycle of type-delete-stare.


  1. Yay for running! I look forward to the stage where I'm able to run multiple miles like all the other people whose blogs I read. It just takes so long to get there.

    I'm also very jealous of your farmers' market, which sounds fabulous. In my city, thanks to the short Canadian summer, our farmers' market is only open from June to September. Plus, it's at the opposite end of the city from me and only open on Saturdays, so I almost never get to make it. Sigh.

    1. But maybe your local farms follow the planting seasons more faithfully? I think in the winter months the produce becomes less freshly-harvested, more stored-in-a-freezer for later consumption. But i will definitely miss these farmer markets if i left the area fo school.

  2. I totally hear you with the type-delete-stare cycle. Just don't let it get you down, and don't be afraid to ask others that you know to be good writers to proof your stuff for you. Sometimes, the stuff you think sounds dumb only sounds that way because you've tumbled it around in your mind too much. Way to go with the farmers' market too - my wife and I love walking to the one around the block from our apt. I'm hoping to get in some more exercise here in the next few weeks, though recently it has been in the upper 90s here - uncommonly warm for Michigan before August, and definitely NOT the weather that makes me want to get up and run outside...

    1. Icky! I am not a big fan of 90+ weather. I rather like my seaside fog :o)
      When i lived further inland in the suburbs, i would wait until after 7:30 for my runs. The slow sunsets made for some relaxing jogs.