Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No, No, No

I take back my leniency with the "Oh, well maybe I'm just spoiled by working with awesome non-profits and awesome businesses-with-strong-community-ties." This job makes me go from Normal Mingle to Crazed Mangle in so many ways.

Here's my thought process this lovely, Wednesday morning.

Wait. Hold on. There's no signature on this check. Last week, my hand-written paycheck ALSO wasn't signed. I bet he's doing this on purpose. What are the odds that this happens twice? Not to mention they counted my hours wrong before. I thought using a payroll company makes paychecks easier to manage, but how do they still mess these things up? Urrrrrrgh he never shows up to work Wednesdays until like 4pm so I probably can't get it signed today. On an unrelated note, why is construction de-paving the road outside my street after they just re-paved it last week? This feels like an earthquake. Also, my car insurance is due. 

I did call and ask about it, but I don't trust what he says. I'm being told by the boss that none of the paychecks were signed and to "just deposit it and see what happens" while Mr. Most-Important-Role-of-a-Woman-is-a-Mother tells me they are signed. So, it seems like I'll have to deposit it and hope for the best. The best part is, I didn't know direct deposit was an option at this office until two weeks ago. So I could have avoided all of this, if someone (like, I dunnoooo, my boss) had told me about it.

Maybe I'm overreacting. In general, I try to be very careful about overreacting. I also try to be careful about bitching too much about work, because you never know who might read it later on, but this is just stupid. This is the third time something went wrong with my paycheck and I had to take time to fix it. Is this level of paranoia about a silly paycheck normal? Thankfully I live with parents who won't charge me late fees for failing to help out around the house, but if I was living alone I could be royally screwed. Is it common for people to think, "Crap, I hope nothing goes wrong with my paycheck this time." Every other employer I've worked with doesn't seem to have had any problems with payroll unless an employee changed his/her bank account/address and didn't provide an update.

Now I'm all wound up like a hamster without a hamster wheel. I'm going to the gym to watch some ESPN on the treadmill and beat up on some weights.


  1. Um, expecting that your paycheck is signed does not mean you're over reacting. The guy sounds incompetent; get on the direct deposit thing at once. I don't think anyone here in Oz is paid by check. I've never had a check for my pay. Never. Even when doing casual jobs.

  2. He is pretty incompetent. I'm glad I'm not overreacting!

    I've had jobs where I was paid via check, and no one ever messed up. It seems common sense for an employer to avoid stupid mistakes unless he/she wants the employees to quit. Messing with payroll is a VERY effective way to kill worker morale. If I can't afford my weekly shrimp dumpling fix, I quit!