Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Liiiiiiiiive

The last few weeks were rough, one of those times when all hell breaks loose and it's all you can do not to go crazy.  To top it all off, I narrowly avoided getting a cold only to get strep throat.  I felt like everything was distracting me from what's most important, which is studying for my MCAT in March (**** so screwed) and making me feel insanely guilty and unhealthily worthless.  Even worse, I was craving another cheesesteak sandwich all week and I couldn't eat one because I could barely swallow my penicillin.  Nnnoooooooooooooooo.  

I took a day off work to recuperate, made myself a study calendar, did practice problems, and spent another several hours playing shooting games to cheer myself up, and now feel somewhat better.  At least, I'm back on track studying.  I'm trying to figure out how to re-integrate the gym.  Since I'm trying to be hardcore about studying, I may just have to park my butt on a bicycle and read, because reading while running on treadmills is very difficult.  

Last Monday was Lunar New Year which means RED ENVELOPE MONEY!!!!!  YEAAAAAH.  It's customary for married people in the family/extended family to give the kids and unmarried losers in the family red envelopes for good luck.  Which means I get money yeaaaaaaaah.  Although, my cousin still hasn't given me or my sister a red envelop ever since he got married in 2008.  Hrmph!  It's not really a big deal, or a lot of money to begin with, but still!  Anyway, I have a habit of not spending any of these.  The last time I used some of my red envelop money was in middle school, when I bought Pokemon cards (wtf?).  I also have a habit of hiding them so well that I forget where I hid them...

This week there are two Lunar New Year parties going on at the senior home.  The residents organized the first one on their own, and the one on Friday will be organized by the staff.  I'm looking forward to the Friday party because the staff managed to get the police department to perform the lion dance.  My secret wish growing up was to join a lion dance group and learn how to perform, but knowing my build, I would end up being the butt, and no kid will enthusiastically say to their friends, "Hey! Watch me perform tomorrow!  I'm gonna be the lion butt!"

Year of the Dragon! 
Unfortunately, I have a patient during part of the show, but maaaaybe they'll still be performing when we're done.

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