Friday, April 26, 2013

Fit & Healthy Friday (Month 2)

Last month, I got a lot of compliments from fellow link-up bloggers about my routine. Thank you! 
Sooooooooooo this month was a rough one. I didn't do anything Weeks 2 and 3 since I was sick. I'm paying for it now. At least my progress report will be short. I'll also give a breakdown of my assigned homework for my running group. I have to do my homework, otherwise I fall behind on my runs. I am, sadly, the slowest one in my group. 

GOAL 1: Cardio 3x/week
Week One: Pass
Monday - 40 minute run, 40-ish minutes swimming
Wednesday - 45 minute run, 30-ish minutes swimming 
Thursday - 45 minute swimming
Saturday - 6.5 mile run
Week Two: Fail
Phlegm, anyone?
Week Three: Fail
Saturday - 6.5 mile run, with 1 mile up-hill
Week Four: Pass
Monday - 30 minutes of running on REALLY STEEP hills, 30-minute swimming
Tuesday - Speed-work day: 1 mile run interspersed with core exercises
Friday (to be completed) - 40-minute easy jogging
Saturday (to be completed) - Something long and arduous

GOAL 2: Muscle building 2x/week
Week One: Fail
Thursday - Arms/upper body.
Week Two: Fail
Week Three: Fail
Week Four: Pass
Monday - Arms/upper body
Tuesday - Core exercises: 4 sets of 10 for each movement: push ups, one-leg squats, burpees (minus the push up) and dips.
Friday - Core exercises: 5 sets of 20: push ups, planks, dips, squats, burpees

After every workout: Drink a protein shake or find chocolate milk within 30 minutes of each workout.

Week Four was tough because I've lost some of the progress I've made in previous weeks, ESPECIALLY with swimming. 

I'm trying to juggle swimming, running and weight-lifting at the same time and I've found that it's very difficult to accomplish during the week. That might have contributed to my catching a cold. I think I was just worn down from working out too much, then rushing to work without giving myself time to rest. Right now, I'm prioritizing swimming and running. The swimming teaches me how to control my breathing. My 12K is in 3 weeks, which means I still have time to build up my stamina for a run. 

I'm pushing myself to go harder each week, only because I know my limits and know that I used to be able to do these things.
....And because there is a pretty navy blue and white-polka-dot dress that I want to wear on July 4th weekend. 
I already fit the dress, but it'd be nice to have a nice set of legs  to kick everyone's butt to go with the heels. 

No solid goals yet, because I eat what my mom makes me, hehe. I really should cut white rice from my dinner, but I refuse! Give me rice or give me death! 
Junk food is easy to eliminate. I succumb to my cravings for chips and such only after rough days at work. I don't eat out very frequently. I'm eating Kashi Go Lean cereal in the mornings, reducing the sugar in my coffee, and also snacking on healthy things like greek yogurt+fruit or honey, fruit on its own, and almonds throughout the day. 

Here's to hoping May is a smoother month! 


  1. I had a rough month as well but I have high hopes for May! We can do this!

    Thanks for much for joining us! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up!! You're my running hero! I'm just jumping on the jogging bandwagon with my snazzy new Aasic's sneakers, hoping that they'll help me avoid friggin shin splints. Sigh. The things we do for our bodies. Oh well, at any rate, it looks like all of us are ready to step it up in May! No more sickness, and a lot of healthy choices lay ahead!!

    Much love!

    1. I love Asics. I haven't had to grapple with shin splints, but my thighs get really tense during runs. Yay for the jogging! There really are times when I regret signing up for my running group. I always dread it the day of, but feel great afterwards.

  3. Wow! This is so beyond anything I'm doing!!! I think you may just take the prize this month!!

    1. It really, really helps to run with a group. My pride demands I do these things so I don't fall too behind!