Friday, September 21, 2012

Mingle Down!

I made one too many poop jokes last month, and so karma dictated that I needed to suffer from a bad case of The Runs. That was rough. I was also feverish and no matter how much water I drank, I kept feeling thirsty. It was so bad that my skin was dry. I went to bed Sunday night feeling 'off.' When I woke up with a fever at 6am, I knew I wouldn't make it to work that day. I was still feeling off on Tuesday so I took that day off too. It's kinda random how it just hit me out of the blue on Sunday night, because I had just gone on a pretty rigorous hike that morning.

I didn't work on my secondaries at all on Monday or Tuesday. I would nap for 1-2 hour stretches and wake up with just enough energy to eat and move my legs a bit. I am working on my secondaries now. I submitted one yesterday and am working on the next one today.

So far, I've been turned down for one secondary and one interview. I feel like I should feel more down about it, but I got over it fairly quickly. Probably because I still have more secondaries to work on, and so I still have hope (I hope). I also think that I should be writing more at a faster rate.Some of these schools have a December 1 due date for secondaries, so I definitely need to finish those first. Ideally, I would finish all of my apps before that time.

I really worry about my timing, because I had chosen to delay my app for another month to retake my MCAT.

I've gotten to that point where I can start reusing some of my phrasing/sentences to answer essay prompts, which definitely helps speed things up a bit.

Right now, I'm fighting off a cold. My energy level has been fluctuating on account of my being sick last week and this week. This post is kind of scattered because I'm a little woozy from the night-time cold medicine kicking in.

Next update will be about work.

Good night!

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