Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

New Year's Eve was pretty subdued for me...I studied, I procrastinated, and I briefly attended two NYE parties, both of which are pretty subdued compared to previous years.  Someone brought pretty cupcakes, but I had so much food I never got around to eating them:

...All that icing scared me too.  I'm not really into these fancy shmancy cupcakes, although they are pretty to look at.  I like regular cupcakes with regular chocolate/vanilla icing and sprinkles.

Next up, I went to another friend's house for our annual NYE's Bad Movie Bash.  Last year we watched Kazaam with Shaquille O'Neil, this year we picked Troll 2, which was so terrible it was hilarious.  I'm not sure if we'll be able to top it next year.

Another present from a patient - mini almond cookies!!  I have no idea what this brand is called.

My coworker (CW) and I also received another box of chocolates.  It made up for the fact that we had to work on a Friday.  When CW asked if I was going to share the chocolates I glared and said, "Hell no!  You crazy?!  We had to work today!  They goin' in MY belly!"  (Evil Boss made the two of us work, but the rest of the office got the day off.)

And finally, I caved and paid an extra $10 ($72 total) to buy this Clipper card, which the city sells as a pass for all the local transit systems in the area:

It's $62/month for unlimited use of all the bus systems that travel within the city.  The extra $10 gives me access to the Bay Area Rapid Transit aka subway system, which gets me from work to the gym MUCH faster.  I still have to transfer to a regular bus line to get home, but at least I can circumvent all the homeless people and crazy people that take the bus in and around the office =/  Now, if drug stores like Walgreens would just install a Clipper reader so I can use it to pay for things like juice and water....
(Hong Kong's Octopus card is a pre-loaded card you use to pay for bus fares annnnnnnd you can use it at many of the local chain stores to buy food.)

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