Sunday, July 3, 2011


I decided to take the scenic route along the coast the other day to avoid any potential traffic as the result of construction on a new freeway exit.  I like living in San Francisco because sometimes, despite all the fog on the coast, you get sunny days like this where the sun and fog mix to create something really awesome.

The unfortunate thing about living in SF is that anything above 70F feels like a heatwave and I start melting -which is how I feel being only an hour north and an hour away from the coast.

New summertime goal is to run the Golden Gate Bridge, which is only about 2 miles to run across and back.  At the other end of this snapshot, there's a trail that winds around the coast for hikers, bikers and joggers.  I'd like to explore it now that I've discovered my interest in trail running.  There are also a number of marathons in the city, so it would be a fun diversion from MCAT-studying over the next few months.

Things stay relatively green in San Francisco year-round because the sun never feels hot enough to fry the grass.  Where I am living now, the regional parks only stayed emerald green for about a month after the rainy season.

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